Why become a Marketer/Distributor?

Join an elite team. We're ready for you.

Marketers represent our company and products to the public. They serve as catalysts for new product development and provide valuable insights into customers' needs. We welcome you to join us.

Advance your business

There are powerful advantages to becoming a Phillips 66 Lubricants Marketer:

  • Partnership with the 4th largest finished lubricants supplier
  • Access to a wide array of marketing materials and programs
  • Support from Phillips 66's technical and sales personnel
  • Extensive online and offline training
  • Access to current product research and testing results
  • Award winning Web-based order to ship system
  • Innovative product line-up
  • Access to comprehensive product distribution including 5 blending facilities

Stay independent. Make a difference.

We welcome the chance to speak to you about becoming a Marketer. Together, we can uncover new growth opportunities for your business.