Automatic Lubricators

Automatic Lubricators

Precise single-point protection

Single-point, co-branded perma® automatic lubricators provide users with easy-to-use alternatives to manual lubrication in tight-fitting and precise-metering situations. These systems can be used across a broad range of applications and industries to protect against breakdowns and minimize costly repairs.

Featured automatic lubricators:

  • FLEX
    This fully assembled single-point lubrication system is ready to use and available in two convenient formats (60cc and 125cc) for a wide range of applications, including tight and restricted areas. The discharge setting can be adjusted from 1-12 months, even after activation, and can be switched off during non-operating periods.
    This temperature-independent, single-point lubricator operates automatically with extreme precision for roller and sliding bearings, sliding guides, open gears, gear racks, spindles, shaft seals and chains. It is recommended for electric motors with very specific lubrication requirements. Available in 60cc, 120cc and 250cc formats.

Both systems are available for the following greases from Phillips 66® Lubricants: